Recently I've spoken to a number of clients who have concerns about their home as they age. You (or someone close to you) may be facing similar questions.

As we all age, our thoughts inevitably turn to the question of the quality of our lives in the future. Where we live is an important part of that equation. I know I've thought about it, and I've definitely worked with people who have dealt with the uncertainty.

How will I know when maintaining my home becomes too much? How can I remain comfortable, safe, and independent in my own home? If my home becomes to big for me, how do I find one that meets my needs? Who will protect my interests when it comes time to sell my home?

If you find yourself wondering about these issues, or worrying about them on behalf of an aging parent or friend, I would be glad to offer my assistance. As a real estate agent with a special interest in senior clients, I've had the privilege of helping seniors and their families navigate this phase of life and finding their next home to simplify their lifestyle.  Homes are being built with community and safety for buyers as they age.   It may be time to take a look. 

Please reach out to me if you'd like to chat. I'd be happy to help, even if you don't necessarily need the answers to these questions for some time yet. 

Let's get started today to show you homes to fit your lifestyle of the future.   Click here to get started